About Us

Masterworks Construction Services, Inc. is a comprehensive general contractor that provides a full spectrum of residential and commercial remodeling and building services. Masterworks offers Architectural Design, Construction, Landscape Design and Landscape Installation services, but it is our commitment to integrity, quality, trust, and client satisfaction that is the cornerstone of all our projects.

Our innovative solutions for your building projects continue to satisfy and impress well beyond project completion. Our work is exceptional, yet what matters most to our clients is our commitment through each phase of the project. We care about your project—and all that it affects—throughout the duration of the project. Our goal is that you will enjoy the building process as much as the end-result. Client satisfaction at every stage of the project is a key to our success.


Masterworks’ commitment does not stop at your own home or building. We transform your environment, but not at the expense of the environment.  Masterworks supports the community by implementing as many green and sustainable features into our projects as possible. We can also help maturing or handicapped clients extend the enjoyment of their residences by retro-fitting their homes to be more accessible.


Regardless of your building project needs, we see communication as essential to your total satisfaction. Our knowledgeable team has developed an easy step-by-step process to assist you through your project – a process of impeccable service, time-saving systems, integrity and dependability. The quality of our work is our show piece, but our clients will also remember us for our integrity and the value they received.


Masterworks was founded in 1992 by Bill Leisy.  Bill’s original vision was to create a relationship with our clients based on integrity, quality, trust, and client satisfaction. This emphasis enabled the company to successfully expand beyond its initial residential remodeling focus by broadening its scope to include new construction, landscape design, landscape installation and commercial projects too.


In 2022, founder Bill Leisy retired and entrusted ownership of Masterworks Construction Services to Carlos Perez, his friend, and Masterworks colleague for over thirty-years.


Carlos and his family are committed to the founding principles that have made Masterworks so successful.  Masterworks continued growth and success are built upon the trusting relationships Masterworks has formed with its clients, many of whom we are now honored to consider friends.


Through our more than 300 remodels and projects, client satisfaction remains a priority during the entire process, and we continue to bring the highest quality service and credentials to each new project.

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